If you are a little bit like me…

  • You love to be crafty,
  • You love launching small businesses and
  • You can’t stop hopping on the new trends to see if that’s as cool as the TikTok you’ve just watched!

Today, I want to show you how I used Printify to create our New Merch!

Since the creation of a Positive Future, I have always wanted to sell merchandising. (And I did, and keep creating some on @madebyalexiadeb)

I created 3 products that I custom-made. 3 T-shirts, Stickers and a Canvas Tote Bag. It was fun, but took a lot of time and supply.

Recently, I saw way too many Reels on Instagram about people using Printify. I thought it was an influencer ad, so for a few weeks I didn’t paid attention, but you know what… repetition matters, and here I am… testing it out!

I’ve recorded those step-by-step videos for you to see how I did it so easily.

I know it’s quick, it may require more customization, optimization, but I don’t want you to have to wait in front of a 30-minute video!

Video #1: Intro

Video #2: Let’s Create an item

Video #3: Let’s customize our product

This video is slightly longer since I try to optimize the SEO and the product itself

Video #4: Test an order with me

In Conclusion?

I haven’t received my product yet, but so far, I am pretty impressed!

What a time gain! Hassle-free!

Luckily I know a little bit about printing on clothing, I have tested out multiple brand and technique.

My biggest regret…When I create a piece of merch for someone, I literally put all my heart in it, from the creation to the packaging, to wishing it well when dropping off at the Post Office. So there’s less connection… But if the product is amazing upon delivery… I’ll let you know!

If you have any questions… Just ask!! ⇓

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