Hiring a web developer is sometimes linked with bad previous experiences and fears of the cost. Do you know there are a bunch of really great developers who wants to best for you? And they are local!

Why are we so reluctant to work with a tech consultant?

When you start a business or are a newbie, every extra cost matters, and you are not ready to spend the money you don’t already have! Right?

Having a website matters for sure, but you can do it on your own, no? There are so many options today? Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace,…

Why do I need a partner when creating a website?

Creating your own website on your own is a wonderful evolution of the technology and I am so glad it exists and it allows people to have total ownership of their creative process.

I am so happy when I hear someone telling me: “I made my own website!”


I know it’s a tough work!

I know it might have taken you a lot of hours and some pretty frustrating moments…

I know it was overwhelming at first but you overcame your fears and achieve something great for your venture.

illustration of a web designer

For having built my first websites alone, I remember I wanted it to be perfect, but I had no real idea what it meant. At that time, those websites were mainly for my personal life and didn’t need a lot of improvement. But once I started launching an e-commerce platform using Shopify, that’s where I needed some extra support! And I was just like you, scared to ask… I was seeing that big vault of money that I needed before I could fix my problem!

Having a partner when creating a website is releasing so much stress you might be carrying!

WordPress always scared me when I heard that. I have been playing with it a few years ago and thought it was not well organized, not as intuitive as those drag and drop platform.

Then I had a professional opportunity to dig at it! I couldn’t say no! It was for work…Well, I can tell you, it only took me about 10h to understand how things were working and now I am so passionate about the opportunities it gives to entrepreneurs who want to build a website! I am always up to suggesting that solution!

As I tell my customers too, if you want to test a market, and build a quick website to see if it hooks people around your product or service, then those Squarespace, Wix, Shopify platforms have everything you need to start. And you only need a developer for a few hours to fine-tune what you need (contact me if you need questions answered on that! )

But once you know your product, and are thinking about growing it in the long term, WordPress.org is such a good option! Freedom to evolve the way you want! A gazillion opportunities to customize it, make your website an e-com platform, own everything you are creating!

Having a website partner aka developer means $$$? Or can it be affordable?

At A Positive Future, my goal is to empower you the most I can, so you can be free to fly on your own, and to have me as a back up for your tech questions.

You need to surround yourself with partners who want to see you fly, evolve, and shine as bright as you can!

My life goal is to empower you to deliver your message so the world can be a better place!

Am I charging the same amount as a Business Coach? No No No

Why, because you know what you can do financially, I am just here when you need me!

I can answer quick questions over the phone, by text or WhatsApp. Help you with something that bugs you, and if that helps you and you would like to work with me, we can start talking about an exchange of value.

My first consulting service offering starts at $50/hour and it usually takes me less than 4h to figure out where you need the support!

I have a maintenance and security service where you pay less than $50/month to have your site always up to date, backed-up and I am available to fix the little bugs that appear here and there.

We have an established relationship and you can text me with your question for quick and honest answers!

Are you feeling reassured that you can have solutions at a reasonable price?

Would you like to know more about me and have a first chat?

Please contact me through my social media channels or per email at alexia@apositivefuture.com

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