Stickers White

Stickers White


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This cute hand-printed logo sticker is a perfect statement!

Stick it on your laptop and uplift the vibes during your meeting,

Stick it on your car and blink to road ragers when they pass by you!


In stock

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A cool stickers is always a good idea to decorate a laptop, a notebook, a window, your car… And make a statement! A positive Future is coming!! Thank you for showing our love to the Universe! We will get there!!

This sticker is monochromatic in white. Handmade for you!

Just like our other products, when you purchase our merch, you are taking part in an uplifting project! 100% of the profit goes toward an internal fund we keep to offer our services for free for a selected business.

When you purchase from us, you get updates on how your money is invested![/fusion_text]

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Dimensions 4 × 4 cm


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