Educator – Be Happy Days

August 25, 2020

Be Happy Days – An amazing event created by Daphne Narcy. She wanted to connect healers and a new audience together so they learn new techniques through workshops. This 2 day event was supposed to happen in Paris right before the Covid-19 crisis and has been since postponed to a later time. Her website was designed by the talented Elodie Ascenci, an amazing graphic designer in Austin, TX. Elodie used the technique of UX Design to make the navigation fluid and smooth.

Her website is visible here


Her website is hosted on OVH in France.


She is using an amazing theme which has great animation on titles, page-turning, architectural plans,…, Theme Prague from FOX-Theme,


We haven’t done anything specific about the SEO, but as usual, I am always building my sites so they are technically optimized (small pictures, correct url, Sitemap, activation for search engines,…).

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